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Website Automation

In our busy world of communication it makes since to put systems in place and automate things especially in your business website. At  "We Innovate to Create" We are tech poineers in the CMS world now it is time to take it to the next level with automation tools that will have your website updating its self.

Website Automation Includes the following:

Automated Web Styles - for a new look and feel depending on content and or date.

Dated Pages - this allows you to preset your pages for future dates along with any new or custom galleries that belog to it.

Custom News Feeds - this allows you to automate news to your site from spcified vendors you might want to tap into that relate to your business website.

Newsletter Blasts for marketing - marketing to new and or existing business at a certain time and date.

Search Engine Optimization - call us for details on the automation process for this feature.


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