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Internet Marketing & SEO

Marketing strategies are used to drive insane traffic to your website by optimizing your online marketing campaigns and landing pages. Everything you do online should be optimised for the search engines, whether it is just your website or PPC campaigns, banner ads, articles, video's blogs etc... Optimising your marketing efforts will drive website traffic, boosting your sales and profits. Let's take a closer look here.

SEO Marketing Strategies - What is the purpose, or goal?
Of course, the number one purpose and goal is to drive more traffic to your site. Just like in real estate where the location is most important, in online marketing it's all about traffic, traffic and more traffic. Internet surfers usually land on your site because they have been re-directed by links they found when searching online, using a search engine site like Google. They may not have been looking for your business specifically, but they found you because of a link that appeared in the top 10 of the search results. Websites ranked in the top 10 have a much higher chance of being visited than those who do not. Typically, if an internet user finds what they are looking for within the first ten search results, they won't look any further. Employing the right SEO marketing strategies will drive insane traffic to your website.

SEO Marketing - What's the value?
Most website owners have no idea how to use SEO methods to optimise their marketing stuff. And sometimes if they do, they don't have an objective view of the business they are involved in. Hiring an SEO marketing export will shine new light on things and will help you to really understand how search engines actually work and what is needed in order for your site (or article, or video, or PPC ad, or banner ad or blog) to achieve top 10 rankings in the search engines results to drive more traffic to your online store.

SEO Marketing Strategies - Top Strategies to Drive Insane Traffic to Your Website - 3 Methods That Work
To get your site ranked high can be achieved through many different methods. The majority of website are solely optimised to comply with the rules and requirements of the search engines. This simply isn't sufficient so let take a look at a few aspects that are important to optimise your marketing efforts.

Your Web Content
Relevant and qualifying content is key. Relevance of content to your website makes you different then the others and makes your site stand out from the rest. Many website contain content that is not relevant to their site at all. Good qualifying content means higher rankings and will see more visitors to your website.

Keywords and Keyword phrases
Do your keyword research. It's the most important part of your SEO Marketing strategies! Find keywords and long tail keyword phrases, relevant to your business and integrate these into the content of your website or your articles, blog posts, videos, etc.... Robot crawlers that index your website and pages need that information in order to categorize the content of your site to determine what it is that you have to offer the website audience. I personally use WordTracker, the paid version, but there are some free tools also like Google Keywords and GTrends (the free version of WordTracker).

Design & Structure
Amongst many other SEO marketing strategies to drive insane traffic to your website is the look and feel of your pages. Especially the landing page, or home page, which is usually the entrance or front door of your business. Make your site easy to navigate and understandable for even the most in experienced user. Check the interface. You want to meet the requirements and demands of your prospective buyers. Deliver relevant information and present it in such manner it can be easily understood. Also, you need to ensure your page loads within the blink of an eye. If you provide what users are looking for and what they need, your website is a winner.

There are so many different methods, other than the above mentioned SEO marketing strategies you can use to optimise your marketing efforts and I will show you where you find them. Let's drive insane traffic to your website right away!You will be able to indulge yourself into tons of methods you can use to drive more traffic, boost your sales and create a secure financial future for yourself.


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